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Our Investment Philosophy

Every investor’s situation is unique.  We strive to build each of our client’s investment portfolios taking into account those unique circumstances when allocating assets based on risk tolerance, time horizon, investment objectives and tax consequences among other factors.

We believe investment decisions should be made using a logical and disciplined process instead of an emotional response.  We do not believe that short-term market timing can be a successful investment strategy over the long run and, therefore, we avoid market bets in favour of long term, diversified asset allocation decisions made with conviction and with a consideration of the current economic environment.

Much of the short term market noise produced by the media is to be ignored, which is one of the most difficult things for an investor to do, but also one of the most profitable.  The best portfolios should consider passive and active portfolio management styles as both, when implemented properly, can add unique value.  In all cases, portfolio investment costs should be reduced where they do not add value.

As an investor’s time horizon shortens, so should portfolio risk, as the markets are unpredictable in the short run.  In the vast majority of cases we believe in investing with money that investors have and not with money that they borrow for investment purposes.

An investor's portfolio should not be static. Regular portfolio review and rebalancing is crucial to investment success. A client's investment portfolio is not a financial plan in itself but a component of the financial plan and should be evaluated and reviewed regularly along with the other components of that client's financial reality.

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